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London5 Studios new television series “Inspired” by the new children’s hero - Spice Girl Mel B - Melanie Brown.


Why Little Melanie Live?

It promotes the “Happiness” and “Well-Being” of children and families.


LOndon5 Studiosbelieve we have a unique opportunity to inspire kids and families everywhere.  We ask them to join us in taking action and caring for the world we share through our amazing stories and films.

At LOndon5 Studios,  we believe that our concern for children and families must extend beyond their world of entertainment to the world in which they live.  We must create! We must give everyone something positive to imagine because a dream is everything!


Why is London5 Studios so excited? 

London 5 Studios is excited because people will take us into their hearts and homes.  They will have emotional connections to all our brands at  London5 Studios.  


Our new children’s hero, Melanie Brown (Spice Girl Mel B) is our very own Mickey - just like the one Walt Disney created.   Creator Melanie Greene produced the “Little Melanie” series in an effort to inspire kids and families to think creatively, live healthier, conserve nature, and strengthen our communities.  All of these elements are incorporated in the exciting stories in our books, episodes and films.


“We could not have a better inspiration than Spice Girl Mel B. She is the new children’s hero. Children need a mentor, a hero, someone to aspire to be. LOndon5 Studios shall continue to give every child that dream and show them that they need to strive to be the best.

 If they can believe it, they can achieve it!!!!


The unique andexciting experiences in our stories and films will show our actions as a company.  We must live up to the stories we tell and the characters we create and share.

That is why we are serious about our obligation to produce responsible content and products.

Our “Little Melanie" brand isn’t just a responsibility to everyone - it's a representation; we recognise and welcome this opportunity to connect with and inspire others.   Everyone who reads our stories and watches our shows and films will enjoy them immensely . 


The example we set as a companyis nothing compared to the impact we can have when we inspire the millions of kids and families. We will continue to strive and reach out every day to take action and make a difference in their lives and others that we inspire.


London5's amazing stories will show the inspiration given from “children’s hero” Melanie B and our fictitious character Little Melanie.

This is London5 Studios, home of book series, films and musical television show "Little Melanie - Live!"

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