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LONDON 5 STUDIOS in London, England will celebrate the 20th year anniversary of the Spice Girls with a new musical comedy television series -”Little Melanie -Live” inspired by Spice Girl Mel B - Scary Spice.

Executive Producer and creator Melanie Greene states: “The television series have been in the development stages for over two years, and we purposely awaited the Spice Girls 20 year anniversary to announce its debut, but no time have been wasted , we have created some of the best episodes for this series as well as scouted some of the best little actors across the globe. The London 5 team have written over 170 exciting and beautiful story books to follow the television episodes and more.  Our inspiration from all five of the Spice Girls poured into our soup of ideas, but the one spice thatgave us such a fright...it was Scary Spice Mel B that continued to inspired the series.”

 “SPICE UP YOUR LIFE”  and celebrate English pop group The Spice Girls, Scary, Sporty, Baby, Posh and Ginger.  There measures of success and achievements are astounding.    

The production team of London 5 Studios have created a world wide celebration with more than a little spice to warm your hearts.

Time has created and inspired five little girls who are characters from our new television series. “Little Melanie -LIVE” a musical comedy, and a series of over 150 entertaining and exciting books..  

“Its2016, twenty years since the beginning of the Spice Girls, and WE are here!!!”.... Melanie G - Creator.

Britain’s newest invasion, the musical television series Little Melanie LIVE – Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice - five young and cute little girls; band mates and “forever friends” have tastefully hit the scene.... and the world IS ready for a little spice once again.....

They are the new British invasion that will capture the hearts of millions around the world. 

Addy, Sasha, Gigi, Emma and Little Melanie –  will take centre stage in a new television series and perform with great inspiration from world class Spice Girls; no doubt there music-mentors.

Little Melanie LIVEmusical television compositions are new and refreshing – all types of genres of music.  We havevarious musical talents and personalities in our episodes.

London5 Studios team Melanie G, Melanie W, Paul, Stuart and Sharon have all been inspired to create a new lasting memory of the Spice World, in a new television series entitled “Little Melanie -Live, and the writing team have written over 150 books in the Little Melanie series. 

Children need a positive hero - a mentor they can aspire to.  Melanie Brown is the inspiration behind our main character and many of the episodes and stories for our books which are carefully written and crafted” .... stated Producer /Writer Melanie W.

“Our exciting episodes are crowned with details which will inspire children and adults around the world to live there dream says, at London 5 Studios we believe the dream is everything” Paul M- Producer / Writer

We are London 5 Studios and Britain's newest musical band invasion, "Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice," where “2 Become 1,” we are celebratingthe 20th anniversaryof The Spice Girls with our new musical television series- Little Melanie- LIVE.

“As Walt Disney said:  "Our heritage and ideals, our code and standards - the things we live by and teach our children -are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings." 

 Our "Little Melanie -Live" television series is like his vision for Disneyland - it will never be completed.  The Little Melaniebrand shall continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the creative geniuses of London5 Studios and in the world.  We believe in our ideas.  Our TVseries, books, animations and films are features where parents and children are simply having fun.

London 5 Studio’s library ofbooks, television series and animations are purely a work of LOVE. We didn't start writing with the idea of writing just one.  Presently, our Little Melanie is the “Star” (Our Mickey)!!.... 

“Perhaps the greatest lesson that the future ofLondon 5 Studios’ Little Melanie -LIVEholds, is the idea that one should “keep moving forward.”  This is something that I hope the audience, especially kids, will take this message into there hearts each week, our intrinsic messages will be there to inspire them.

We are trying to present a broader spectrum ofthe British and American culture by showing the world what it’s really about. Anything is possible in the future. We are London 5 Studios where 2 becomes 1,”saidCreator and Executive Producer Melanie Greene.

London 5 Studios is diverse television production group.  We are a young and fresh company who have the capabilities and more creative talent than most major film or television production companies. 

London 5 have some of the best films andtelevision productions, and a entertaining library ofover 150 well written story books, we are legendary.

Our children fictitious characters are the childlike version of the people who have inspired us at some time in our lives.  Today they are the featured cast in our Television Episodes, Movies, Little Series children’s books and the super hit television series:   “LITTLE MELANIE - LIVE”.  There are over 150 beautifully written stories in the Little Melanie series of book. 


London 5 Studios is represented by Literary Agent Vanessa Grossett, London England. 

“Lights, Camera, Action”...........

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