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Welcome to London5 Studios!  We are positive that our stories will set the best standards and meet the highest royal seal of approval.  Our extensive catalogue of fresh and innovative children’s books, animation and cartoons for our stories, are the masterminds behind our skills.  

London5 Studios is a young, fresh company who are blessed with more creative talent than most writers, regardless of whether they specialise in books, films or television. 

As Walt Disney said:  "Our heritage and ideals, our code and standards - the things we live by and teach our children - are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings." 

The "Little Series" (BOOKS) is like his vision for Disneyland - it will never be completed.  This series  shall continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the creative writing geniuses of London5 Studios and in the world.  We believe in our ideas! 

The stories and animations which are adapted from our books feature parents and children simply having fun.

Our "Little Series" books and animation is a work of pure love. We didn't start writing the "Little Series" with the idea of writing just one book. 

Presently, our series,  “Little Melanie” - a fictitious character inspired by Spice Girl - Mel  B - is the “Star” (our Mickey) and all the other "Little Series" (books) characters are playing supporting roles. (142 books, 4 featured films, 45 episodes for television in “Little Melanie LIVE!”  This character is fully branded and shall become a household name. We have structured all promotional tie-ends, adverts and social media with 3 million plus followers today - and those figures are still growing.)


Our “Little K”, inspired by Attorney General Kamala Harris (America), also is highlighted in the limelight with over 98 fully written and edited stories, two feature film scripts and a few other special treats.  This series is also well branded. 


To date we have over 240 books in our series with Little Melanie and Little K .  

 Each "Little Series" book is like a television show with endless exciting adventures or episodes.  Our books capture the joyous imagination and feelings of happy excitement that we all once knew as kids ourselves.

Our fictitious characters are the childlike versions of the people who have inspired us at some time in our lives.  Today they are the featured cast in all of our "Little Series" children's books.

Many of our stories are inspired by very influential people such as Her Majesty, the Queen of England who millions adore and hold in the highest esteem.  Of course, we must not forget the People's Princess - Princess Diana.  Together, they make up some of our Royal sections of books.


Other very important members of our illustrious family include such famous faces as Walt Disney - Little Walt,  U.S. President Elect Hillary Clinton - Little Hillary,  Ant and Dec - Little Ant and Little Dec, The Spice Girls- Little Spice ( Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice which is also the band for Little Melanie in her series), Julie Andrews- Little Julie,  U.S. President John F Kennedy - Little John K., Elvis Presley - Little Elvis, Dolly Parton- Little Dolly,  Judi Dench -Little Judi,  Fred Astaire - Little Fred, Judy Garland - Little Judy, Liza Minnelli- Little Liza, Barbara Streisand- Little Babs, Diana Ross - Little Diana, Michael Jackson - Little Michael, Sir Elton John - Little Elton,  Sir Paul McCartney - Little Paul,  Bob Marley - Little Bob,  Norman Wisdom - Little Norman, Paul Walker - Little Pauly and more.

There is a special edition series featuring :Jazz Legend Hazel Scott -My Grand Piano and British Sensation ADELE - Little Princess Mary's magical music box-Adele as the magical musical Princess


There seems to be one Spice who scared the world - and us too! - SCARY SPICE!


Mel B, also known as Melanie Brown, became the inspiration behind our 142 plus stories and so much more.  She is the “spice" in our life here at London5 Studios.  She has inspired all the stories which feature our fictitious character “Little Melanie”, who will no doubt touch the hearts of millions of children and adults around the world.  We are having so much fun writing the Little Melanie stories for her character that we dare not stop! Its massive….


Some of her exciting adventures include The Glass Slipper, My Grand Piano (Jazz Legend Hazel Scott), Paul McCartney, Elvis Presley, The Sound of My Music,  Making of the Band (Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice). Keeping in line with royalty, A Candle in the Wind  (Princess Diana) not forgetting the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson!  


Just as Melanie Brown was the lynchpin of the Spice Girls in our eyes, Little Melanie band together with her forever friends.  She organised her own musical group- Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice because that's what Little girls are made of.  That one ingredient - Scary Spice - that captured our hearts, inspired fictitious character Little Melanie.  She will take you on the most enthralling and exciting musical adventures ever!  Her prodigious talents which include learning to play the piano professionally at 4 years old, singing, dancing, acting, producing and writing, lends variety (which is the Spice of life).   The stories enables Melanie to engage her warm and compassionate personality in a quest to help those she cares about (which is everybody). 

 Little Melanie is a hero when she helps to save the local library, writes a song for a busker to help a young girl Sammy Shore to get a recording contract.  However, it was the eyes of Little Girl Blue that stole the show when Little Melanie introduced her on the Ant and Dec show to sing one of her songs and that of a classic.


As the writers and creators of the "Little Melanie" series, we extend a warm invitation to a place where dreams are born and time is never planned.  It's not on any map or chart - you must find it with your heart.  It is "Little Melanie Children's Books Land".


London 5 studios


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on our STARSHIP!"

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