As the creator, I was inspired to produce elements that would belong to a “2016 future”, creating a stylish reality that was based on a familiar style from our real world, purposefully simplified, boiling down elements to their essence. The result is a welcoming environment that is intriguing, something we have never had on television around the world or in animation before, our backdrop London, England.

       I was taken by the dynamics of the people who inspired the characters themselves in a fun way, creating a wealth of written stories, episodes, and productions !  Little Melanie LIVE is NEW, ENTERTAINING, FUN and much INSPIRATION!  The music and the frame count will play an important role in the overall success and entertainment of each show. 

     One can only hope that what is currently a hive of activity for many will someday be a magical experience for all who watch our shows.  We are consciously drawing from a friendly, comfortable, appealing and a little nostalgic feelings which transforms many scenes into a childlike utopian vision – nothing too serious, but all children will be able to relate it to their own lives.

I imagined the family (Little Melanie, parents William and Sarah Greene, her brother Bobby, cousin Little K,  Aunty Sharon, Uncle John, Angel, band Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice, and other cast mates) embracing the episodes, allowing the relationships of each of the family members to be supportive of one another and living in an open, safe, freethinking environment ... family personalities reflect musical comedy series and animations,  - "Hannah Montana, Sophia The First” and more.

The family will evolve as we go along. Our goal is to create unique personalities that are welcome and welcoming in every home, giving children a real sense of security when they are in the outside world, knowing they can fit in anywhere. 

Little Melanie and Kare child prodigies, each have inherited their talents from their parents and grandparents. The musical talents are mindboggling when there is a piano in the room for Little Melanie she is creating music, while Little K is studying the laws and practices, her dream to become a lawyer. 

Little Melanie LIVEmusical compositions are new and refreshing – all types of genres of music.  We will welcome various musical talents and personalities on many of the episodes. 

Anything is possible in the future.  There will be opportunities for many encounters with other children – Situations will come and go, solutions will make their way to the front of the line, action, fun, abundance, excitement – there is a lot of potential and so much to see that you can’t help being drawn into the series, burning with enthusiasm and desperate to discover  more.


Perhaps the greatest lesson that the future of the London 5 Studios’ Little Melanie -LIVE holds, is the idea that one should “keep moving forward”.  This is something that I hope the audience, especially the kids, will take this message to their heart each week. It will keep them motivated and inspired –  whatever challenges life may present, perhaps our intrinsic message will be there to inspire them.

We are trying to present a broader spectrum of the English and American culture and show the world what it is really about..... We are London 5 Studios where Two becomes One.